Marketing On The Internet – Three Steps To Start Making Online Money

You can spend too much time thinking about how best to start marketing on the Internet, which means you could take a while before you get up and running. The more you read, the more complicated it sounds.

Here are three steps you can take right now to get you into the Internet marketplace.

Find a niche and product to sell
Get a domain name that is connected to the niche
Write articles to direct people to your domain
Find a niche and a product to sell

The easiest way to do this is to go to an online merchant like Clickbank. Sign up with them, which is easy and free. Click on Marketplace and look for a product in a niche that is popular such as Internet Marketing, Online Jobs, Working from Home, Relationships, Health or Weight Loss. It would make sense to look for a niche you already know something about, as it will be easier for you to write about it.

Click on the product’s sales page to make sure you will be happy promoting it. If you like it, sign up as an affiliate for that product. When you do, you will get a hoplink with your affiliate code, which takes people to the product’s sales page. When they buy, Clickbank records the sales via the hoplink.

Get a domain name that is connected to the niche

There are two reasons why you should get a domain name: it looks more professional and article directories will not allow you to link to an address with your affiliate code.

You can register a domain name cheaply with any number of companies but, to make it easier, I would suggest you look at Go Daddy or Namecheap. They are big, popular and cheap, but there are plenty to choose from and you might have your own preference.

When you register your domain name you then need to connect it to the landing page of the product you are selling. You do this by forwarding your domain name to your hoplink. This means when people click on your domain name it will open up the sales page or the landing page of the product.

You need to take one more step – you have the option to forward it with masking and you should do this. This means people clicking on you domain name will not only be directed to the product’s sales page but your domain name will appear in the browser address bar. This looks more professional and protects your affiliate code from being used by others. This might sound complicated but all you need to do is click on the ‘forwarding’ button and follow the instructions.

Write articles to direct people to your domain

Article directories are looking for good, original content. Ezine Articles is recognized as the premier site and you should start there. Read the rules of the directories before you submit articles as this will save you a lot of time in rejections and rewrites.

Here are some basic rules that all directories follow:

Write original, helpful, informative articles, which are grammatically correct
Do not refer to your product or try to sell your product in the body of your articles
Use the resource box at the end of the article to establish your credentials and to link readers to your domain
Write articles of about 500 words, as this will satisfy most directories. Check the rules, as at least one directory has a minimum of 600 words
These three steps are relatively uncomplicated and are actions you can take right now regardless of your computer skills or technical knowledge. All they need is an investment of your time and a little money. They can be your introduction to marketing on the Internet and to making online money.

Direct Mail Marketing: Right on Target

One of the reasons that direct mail is the ultimate form of marketing is that it’s targeted marketing. You’re using a rifle, not a shotgun. When you advertise in papers, magazines, or on TV or radio, you’re “shotgunning” your offer out to all sorts of people, most of whom will have no interest in your service or products. Direct mail lets you zero in on exactly the type of people you want to reach.

That customization makes all the difference. You can spend your money to reach the people who are most likely to do business with you, not waste it on the general public. You learn what worked best and where they learned about your offer, unlike television, radio, magazine, or newspaper ads, so you save money. Your sales message can be confidential, personal, and one-on-one-and that’s very powerful.

With direct mail, there are no limitations. You have total flexibility and control over the length and format of your sales message. Other forms of advertising make you conform to their rules; not direct mail. You have the power to make your sales message say what you want it to, and to ask for the offer in a direct way. When you mail 10,000 pieces of mail, it’s like having 10,000 salespeople in an envelope. Don’t get me wrong-I realize that if you had a sales force making calls, they’d probably have a better ratio of orders per people called than direct mail. In fact, it would be very unusual if they didn’t.

But how many people can a salesperson reach in a day? Ten? Twenty? They’re limited by how many businesses or consumers they can call or call on. With direct mail you can mail as many pieces as you like. They may not have the impact of the face-to-face salesperson, but they’ll do a better job because you’ll get more orders. Salesmanship is great, but few of us can afford to send a big sales team out to call on our prospects.

Direct mail is the ultimate marketing research tool, too. It’s the ultimate way to reach new customers, and it’s relatively cheap, because you can test-mail. You can make small mailings to start with; and then, when you see results, you can double, triple or quadruple the number of mailings you make.

I believe direct mail has proven itself to be a powerful communication tool, even in this age of electronic marketing. It’s tailor-made for two-step marketing, and you can use it for any business. Some people think that if they have a store, they can’t really use direct mail because all of their sales happen in the store-but that’s not true, because it can bring people in the door who might never have come otherwise. It can make you a great deal of money-and you should get involved with it as soon as you can.

You know how a shotgun works; it sends out a spray of shot that hits everything within a certain distance. If you’re using a shotgun approach to marketing, your message scatters in all directions. Mostly it hits the wrong targets. Radio ads, television ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads-all those are shotgun approaches. You message is wasted on most people. That’s just the nature of a shotgun.

On the other hand, you’ve probably heard about sniper rifles, and how a really good sniper can hit a target hundreds or thousands of yards away. Rifles offer extreme accuracy. When you extend this analogy to your marketing, you’re talking about precision and control, putting your sales message exactly where you want it for maximum impact. There’s very little in the way of wasted resources. While you won’t hit everyone, at least your mailing is reaching only people you already know are interested in the types of products and services you sell, whether you’re a local reaching out to specific people in the community or a nationwide mail-order firm. Your list may consist of your own customers-people you’ve sold similar things to before-or a rented list of those who’ve bought similar things from other people.

The fact that a direct mail package is basically a sales rep in an envelope is particularly effective. You can present your entire sales presentation in an envelope thousands or millions of times, and never have to worry about your sales reps getting temperamental, tired, or depressed-and they never ask for a raise. When people open your envelope, you make them a big promise and a guarantee of what they’re going to receive when they do business with you. If you use two-step marketing, you invite them to ask for more information. If you’re a local business, you can invite them to come into your store for a sale or special event.

Direct mail is salesmanship. It’s about taking the very best qualities you see in an entire sales presentation and reducing it to one package. It answers all the major objections a prospect buyer will have. It makes all of the benefits come to life and creates a great sense of urgency to get them to respond now. Your strategy can and should include lots of follow up. Recently, I handled a two-step campaign where we follow up with a 44-page sales letter. During those 44 pages, we reveal everything. It gets people fired up, excited, and ready to go.

You can start small with direct mail, and grow it as your business expands. That’s another aspect of total control; the scale is up to you. You can go as big as you can afford, or advance slowly. I love this aspect of control, as I believe any entrepreneur would. Control feels good. You’re not giving your money to some magazine, paper, radio station, or TV station. You don’t even have to give your money to a mailing house. You can do it all yourself if you want.

Great Ideas For Beginners In Internet Marketing

Creating your own website for a business can be a great way in earning extra income. However, it is not enough to just put something online. You will need to learn the right methods in internet marketing. You can start learning by reading the suggestions in this article that will point you in the right direction.

It might be common sense, but your website must be friendly for users. Imagine visiting a website where the navigation is so poorly organized that you cannot even find the contact information. Perhaps you have seen websites that are so overloaded with graphics and videos that they took forever to load. To encourage your visitors to stay on your website, you must design your website in a way that is visually pleasing and with clear navigation. Your visitors should not need to click more than three times to get to any piece of information that they are searching for.

Social networking is becoming a popular way for businesses to promote their website. Services like Facebook and Twitter give you a direct line of communication to your customers. If you have a special product or service promotion that you would like your target market to understand, you can announce that on your social networking pages where your customers can instantly see the promotion. Social networking is also a great way for your customers to give you direct feedback, which is valuable information for you.

In order for your website to show up in search results when people are looking for the products or services in your industry, you need to optimize your website. Techniques in search engine optimization, or SEO, are something that you must learn and use to give your website high visibility. If you do not use any SEO tactics, your website will be lost between the millions of other websites on the internet. Learn how to properly code your website using tactical keywords and meta tag descriptions, which are just a couple of techniques in SEO that you must apply to your website. Read all that you can on this subject, or consult with a SEO specialist.

You should have a way to keep track of your website visitors. Information about how visitors land on your website, what geographic regions they are from, and what pages they like to visit can help you make decisions about how to improve the effectiveness of your website. There are many services that you can use which can give you website visit information. Choose one that will give you the most comprehensive visit data available.

Reach out to your customers by sending out informative newsletters periodically. People welcome useful information and advice. If you can provide a newsletter that contains information that will help your customers in some way, they will value that service. Frequently, they will even forward your useful newsletter to their friends, thus helping you gain exposure. By sending out helpful newsletters, your reputation as a reliable resource will grow, which will drive more business to you.